By Cindy Wennerstrom-Wroblewski

Cindy Wennerstrom – Wroblewski

In my 22-plus years as a real estate investor, the million-dollar question has always been “how can I make a million dollars, Cindy?” Well I’m about to let the cat out of the bag.

If you’re thinking the secret to becoming a millionaire in real estate is “easy,” or involves some kind of divine intervention or “luck,” I’m sorry to disappoint you. Devotion, dedication, perseverance, persistence and passion are the key ingredients to success in just about anything you do in life, so why would real estate be any easier? Yes, it’s true that real estate has surely made more millionaires than any other avenue globally, but that’s merely because housing is all around us. It can’t be avoided. It’s there for all to live in and for the less faint of heart to invest in.

Investing in real estate also involves a great deal of investment in you. To make a million it will take a million – well maybe not a million but a lot – of hours of dedication to learn how to do it the “right” way. You’ll need to read books and magazines, just like this one, and attend networking groups and conferences devoted to encouraging collaborative growth within an investor community. This is where you will begin to build your “team,” of like-minded investors, all with specializations you don’t have, to assist you on your quest to become a millionaire investor.

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