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 Online Workshop: March 10 – April 14, 2021

The womens Goddess Business Vision Workshop  is for  a small interactive group, limited to twelve people, women only.    Signup today to reserve your spot.



Manifest with the Divine Feminine. Discover the main Goddesses of Greek mythology and co-create with Spirit for your business vision and creating abundance with love, power and intellect.



Create your vision in the beautiful scenic surroundings of Horseshoe Resort.  Lots of hiking trails, swimming and luxury accommodations.



Work on your vision, and business plan in an intimate group setting including:  goal setting, marketing, strategizing, financial strategies and creating wealth.

Breakthrough your obstacles to build the life of your dreams.



Learn and apply teachings from the native medicine wheel to connect with the universe and grow your business for mind, body, spirit and emotions.



  • Learn about the main Goddesses and the Divine Feminine
  • Bring spiritual power in to your business!
  • Receive breakthrough transformations and coaching
  • Apply the Law of Attraction to your business
  • Mastermind your goals in a small group with other women business owners, artists, entrepreneurs
  • Uncover personal blocks and hidden obstacles that may be holding you back from your success.
  • Take time to reflect, refresh and reframe your business goals
  • Apply the principles of THINK AND GROW RICH for your business
  • Master your business & marketing plan
  • Learn about the Native American Medicine Wheel and how it will keep you centered and focused on your priorities and goals
  • Work on personal development and energy healing
  • Enjoy solitude and time out to recollect and strengthen your vision, at the  beautiful Horseshoe Resort, in Barrie, Ontario
  • Have fun at a luxury resort and relax in nature!
  • Treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment and great all women weekend getaway!

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Phone: 416-620-1231

About Maureen Smith

Maureen E. Smith. Is a certified Intuitive Visionary Coach, Certified Life/ Business Coach,  Q. Mediator, Teacher, Land Developer, Real Estate & Marketing Consultant , Pianist/ Vocalist, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Author,  Magazine Publisher and Entrepreneur.    Maureen has consulted many people in real estate investing and land developing, transformational  and intuitive coaching, oracle readings, business coaching, marketing, artist development, the law of attraction, in addition to teaching and coaching in public speaking and music performance. Maureen is also highly experienced in the  teachings of the Goddess path and native  spirituality and also the business owner of Spirit Coaching. Additionally  as an experienced  qualified mediator and business owner of Global Mediation, Maureen has mediated and coached many couples through separation and divorce, finances, mortgages in addition to several civil and business cases.  She is also the producer, songwriter, composer and recording artist of   Spirit, Songs of Inspiration, an original easy listening spiritual,  motivational music CD and has performed professionally as a solo musician for several years and band leader.  Maureen initially began working as a music educator, band conductor and has taught over ten thousand students in music and performance.

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