Go For It!  Dream •  Pray •  Plan •  Succeed !

When you follow your dreams, you’ll find your true talents and destiny.                                   

Life becomes amazing!

Maureen E. Smith, Certified Life Coach, Master Intuitive Coach, Qualified Mediator

We can’t always make it on our own ! Especially with a life transition or new business! Sometimes we need a little positive support and someone to keep us motivated and on our path towards reaching our goals. Consciousness is daily work.  Life Coaching will help keep you true to yourself by holding you accountable for your choices and actions, from breaking your commitments to yourself and to finally seeing the end results of your achievements!


  • Start with  1 – 6  sessions by phone or in person.  Sessions additionally include written motivational statements to help keep you working towards reaching your goals.
  • Ongoing monthly coaching by phone or in person

What else does coaching do?

Life Coaching  provides you with a certified life coach and  system that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals with a plan of action to help turn your dreams into reality!

It leads you to new perspectives and ideas to realize your hidden potential. Creates an arena to build new expanding, constructive beliefs. It will also help you identify strengths and  weaknesses, while providing strategies for personal development based on your strengths.

It will also help you identify good habits, which move your  life forward, and your bad habits which hold you back. With a personal coach you additionally experience the benefits of excellent guidance and support to facilitate your objectives.

PERSONAL LIFE COACHING SESSIONS:                                                                                   

• Goal Setting – Career Changes – Maps to Success

• Diet & Weight Loss

• Separation & Divorce

• Dating & Online Dating

• Life Transitions

• Personal Development & Transformation

• Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

• Organizational Skills

• Relationships


( Telephone • Skype • In Person )

Introductory Startup:  One  30 Minute Coaching Session:  $150.

Package of 3 – 1 month:  $ 750.

( Includes three I hour sessions in which the client will receive written materials ) 

Package of 6 Sessions  – 1 month:  $1,500.

( Includes six I hour sessions in which the client will receive written materials )

Prepay for  6  months – $ 5000.

Group Sessions:  Please Inquire for Quote


Getting started is easy.  Send us an email to: or call:  647 – 477 – 3332   for a quote on how you can get started today! 

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