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Why should you hire a Real Estate Consultant?

Buying land or real estate is a big investment

It is a best to consult with a land developer to determine whether or not the property is fit for developing  before your invest your money.

A consultant can also determine the condition of the house or building and whether or not it is a good investment.

An unbiased third party opinion.

An independent unbiased  third party opinion, can advise if you are making a wise decision on your investment with your purchase and also determine whether the price is too high, thus saving you from potentially loosing a lot of money or buying the wrong piece of land.

Obtain Quotes & Required Engineers

A land consultant/ developer can also look over the development project, obtain all the necessary quotes from contractors and engineers for environmental studies and planning.

Real Estate Investing

Provide strategic advice as to whether or not your investment is a good choice.

Business Plans & Financials

Help with the overall preparation of your business plan and financials. Analyze the existing financials on the investment property.

Land Development Forms

A land developer can provide you with all the necessary forms for your building project.

Representation with Municipalities

Work with the municipalities and planning departments on your behalf.

Estimates and Feasibilty Reports

Prepare feasibility reports for your project.

Project Management

Obtain land title searches, appraisals, surveys  and more.

Work With Maureen Smith –  Real Estate Consultant & Q. Mediator

Maureen E. Smtih has a very unique background as the founder and CEO of White Eagle Contracting, White Eagle Properties Inc. as well as Global Mediation. Maureen has worked with many clients on residential and commercial renovations, developing land, working with the municipalities on behalf of clients, mediation and negotiating land  and settlements for many  disputes both outside of court and for the Toronto Superior Court of Justice as a Qualified Mediator.  As a former mortgage agent she worked on several mortgages in both real estate investing,  and conventional residential and commercial mortgages and has written up several business plans for the purchase of real estate, boutique hotels and other businesses.

•. Land Developer, and president of White Eagle Properties inc.  Maureen has  worked on several land development projects and worked with various municipalities for obtaining required permits as the developer and project manager.

  Former licensed General Contractor for the city of Toronto.  Maureen has worked on several residential and commercial renovation projects.

• Former Mortgage Agent  for  Syndicate Mortgages and Real Estate Investing, Residential and Commercial Mortgages

• Qualified Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Business Negotiations

• Chair of the Real Estate Section, ADR Ontario

• Ontario Ministry Certified Building Consultant, Building Code Act 9

•. Certified in Construction Management, Construction Institute of Ontario

  Former member of the Toronto Construction Association, Home Builders Association of Canada, BILD GTA and  CAWIC, Women in Construction

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Maureen Smith - White Eagle Properties


I am extremely thank for White Eagle Properties. Maureen Smith, the Developer, assisted with the Project Management and Contracting for getting the Engineering Work done on my property, along with an extension for a Building Permit with the township. As a result, I was able to get a Building Permit and my lot was sold. – Dianne Hurley

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