Money, Love, and Magic!

Making Money by Putting Love First

Women’s Millionaire interviews Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy®

What has putting love first got to do with making money?

When you have love and money playing against each other, everybody loses. The more you have to sacrifice what you value to make money, especially if you’re making sacrifices in Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy—creating a kinder world—the more inner conflict you create and the more unconscious incentives to push money away altogether.

If you find yourself doing everything you can to make more money and you’re still struggling, or you have a feast-or-famine dynamic that sees money come and go, in all likelihood, you’re protecting yourself from money unconsciously, and we want to change that. It’s like driving with the brakes on.

When you can get money and love playing on the same team, creating and keeping wealth can become very easy. No more brakes.

What is your book Financial Alchemy® about? 

 My book/workbook Financial Alchemy® is a year-long self-coaching system for creating Abundance and Prosperity in all areas of your life. It’s not just about money, though it’s really good for money. My client Pam had her first quarter of a million dollar sales month using my Financial Alchemy® book on her own for two years before she ever hired me.

The heart of the book is my signature 6-step Financial Alchemy® process to transform your relationship with money from a monster of scarcity into a “Honey” of abundance. The rest of the book is tools, tips, and systems to nurture and deepen a love-based money relationship long term, instead of having some “one night stand” windfall of good fortune, and then falling back on old, unhealthy patterns that bring you back to square one.

The first half of the book teaches you the principles and walks you through the exercises. The second half of the book is a daily check-in workbook to keep you on track to multiply your positive results with minimal effort.

 What do you really mean by “one’s relationship with money”? How does one improve and protect her relationship with money? 

 Our financial experience is a direct mirror of our hidden relationship with money.

When my coaching peers talk about relationship with money, they are typically talking about money as a tool or as a measure of value. The spiritual or Law of Attraction coaches might describe money as energy or even a “field” of abundance. All of these ideas may be true, but they’re abstract. I don’t know how to have a relationship with a measure of value or a field. That’s just not real to me.


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