Invest in Canadian Real Estate Development Projects

Earn 8% or 9% Passive Fixed Annual Interest with RSP eligible Syndicate Mortgages that fund Fortress Real Development Projects, along with an additional deferred rate of up to 16%. 

Minimum Investment Required:  $30,000

• Experience the joy and rewards of investing in Canadian real estate, Many projects to choose from across Canada.

• Invest in  prime Canadian real estate developments for Houses, Single, Townhouse, Condo or Commercial Buildings to earn 8% – 9% interest annually with the top construction developers and builders in Canada.

•   Earn an additional deferred investment bonus of up to 12 – 16% at the end of the term.

• Cash, RRSP,RESP, LIRA, LIF, RIF, TFSA eligible.

• Terms vary: 24 months. 36 months, 48 months

• Syndicate Mortgage Investments can help you take your tired investments, registered or cash, and put them into the fastest growing investment opportunity in Canada. You don’t have to be a landlord or an accredited investor to invest in prime Canadian real estate anymore!











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